“Carving A Life” gives us a vivid insight into the undaunting world of love, marriage, and second chances. The story follows the life of Mitch, a 25-year-old wood carving artist, who falls for Lauren, an elementary school teacher. Their newlywed bliss takes a quick downward turn when Lauren discovers she’s pregnant and Mitch struggles with haunting memories, addiction, and health issues.


“Carving A Life” takes us on a journey through a young man’s struggle with tragic loss at an early age, and the path that leads him to devastating consequences of alcoholism. I was attracted to this story because of its universal themes of love and loss – but also because aspects of the film have touched me personally. I have lost loved ones to alcoholism and drug addiction and know the devastating effects it has on not just the addict, but everyone who loves them.

“Carving A Life” is also a story of hope and the salvation that can be found through art, love, and self-determination. It is a powerful story sure to resonate and move audiences of all ages.

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